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about us

Who are we

rFactor2WEC is a sim racing community established in 2016. Our aim is to form a wide global membership base. rF2WEC has been setup with four divisions, AMERICAN Division EST League Clock, EURO Division CET League Clock and OCEANIA Division AEDT League Clock.

We have partnered with SCSR Stock-car Sim Racing under our Oceania Division called ONL | Oceania Nascar League This has come about by the hard work and dedication for his love of Nascar Racing. rFactor2WEC Nascar Admin Garry (Machine) Cross.

If you believe you have the commitment and skills that are required to be part of the rF2WEC Staff, contact the Administrator/s to discuss open positions. rF2WEC is open for committed developers, volunteers or any other skills you want to contribute with us.

Our key philosophy's are core to our community structure and are as follows


Accessible mods that are fun, enjoyable to drive but still a test to be the fastest


Strong race steward reporting and enforcement


Encourage open and supportive member interaction, coaching, set-up help etc


Regular structured real world championships and events


Provide a friendly and fair on-line racing environment

When and where we race


American Division events run on Sunday (EST time zone).


European Division events run on Saturday (CET Time zone).


Oceania Division events run on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (AEDT Time zone).


We host our rFactor2 servers 24/7.


We use Discord as our in game chat.