To create an entry in the World Simracing Calendar, you need a Google account first.

If this is done, click the

arrow to the right of

"My calendars" and then

"Create new calendar".

Now give the new calendar a name. This should give hints to the community and best also to the simulator for which the dates are created. If your community has multiple Sims, please create a single calendar for each.

IMPORTANT: The calendar MUST be made public!

After this calendar has been created and made public, its address has yet to be announced. To do so, please click next to the triangle to the right of the name of your new calendar and a selection box will appear. From this, choose "Share this calendar". Now you see the picture as shown on the right.

First click on "Calendar Details" at the top, The HTML code, which is hidden under the button at the bottom right, is required. Click on the button and a window opens with the calendar address you need to copy. You can insert the link into your browser's address line and see how it will look.

How this link is embedded on your own homepage is explained there. I need either the calendar link or the link to the homepage where the calendar of your page is displayed. Any Google Calendar gives you the opportunity to subscribe to it at the bottom right ("+ Google Calendar"). With this link I can enter your calendar in the World-Simracing-Calendar.