About us

United Racers League is a sim-racing league orientated towards racing enthusiasts. The league started six years ago with a GTR2 championship. The beginnings were humble, with grids rarely reaching over ten drivers. Over the years, the league improved greatly, both in size and quality. In those six years we have tried both Assetto Corsa and rFactor, parallel to our GTR2 league (which had 30 driver grids by the end of the final season) but none really gave us what we were looking for. rFactor2 was the only sim that had everything we were looking for but because it had a bad paying system we decided to continue with GTR2. Fortunately, Studio 397 came in and got rid of it so rFactor2 became much more accessible and we decided to completely switch to.

We are known to have a wide range of skill sets in our community. From the gentleman drivers all the way to one of the quickest guys in the sim racing world. Our community is what we are the most proud of because everyone is friendly and ready to help. As a result, the driving standards and the respect the drivers have with one another is unlike any other league and that is why we think you should give United Racers League a try